Flybarless Gyros

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Align Governor RPM Sensor
Mikado VBar NEO VLink 6.1 Express  04949
Futaba BPS-1 Backplate RPM Sensor
Futaba GV-1 Governor Sensor
Futaba CGY760R Flybarless Helicopter Gyro with GPB-10
Spartan RPM Governor Sensor Kit
Bavarian Demon AXON 3 Axis Flybarless Gyro0
2.4Ghz wire antenna 15cm
CGY760R Sensor Tape - (10-Pack)
Bavarian Demon Bluetooth Module
iKon Governor adapter cable 150mm
Futaba CGY760R Sensor Tape 10-PackFutaba CGY760R Sensor Tape 10-Pack
Lynx Brian/Ikon 1 Aluminum Case RED
Lynx Brian/Ikon 1 Aluminum Case Blue

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