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Synergy MaxFlo Clunk 700-MFC
LYNX MOAS V2 Fuel Clunk Set
Fuel Shutoff Clamp Yellow 2 Each  K&S 975.3
Dubro Blue Silicone Fuel Line 2' - 3/32"
M.O.A.S Fiber Body Replacement Kit
Fuel Shutoff Clamp Black 2 Each  K&S 975-220
Great Planes Aluminum Fuel Line Plugs (2)
Dubro Green Silicone Fuel Line 2'
Dubro Red Silicone Fuel Line 2'
Dubro Fuel Line Clips LARGE 4ea
Dubro Yellow Silicone Fuel Line 2'
Dubro Orange Silicone Fuel Line 2'
RJX Header Tank Size 60 C.C Replacement Tank UP013C
In-Line Fuel Filter - Red
RJX Fuel Tank Nipple METAL with Grommet
YS Foam Fuel Clunk F2083
Dubro EZ Fill Fuel Cap 807
Dubro Fuel Line Barbs - 1/8" I.D.
SAB Fuel Clunk
RJX Tank Nipple Grommet 2 Each
Dubro Fuel Line Clips 3/32" 4 Each 0677

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